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About Us

Originally from Northern Saskatchewan, my husband and I have found our home in the heart of British Columbia. We welcome you to experience and enjoy what we get to live everyday. 

         We both knew long before we met each other, that we had a love for the mountains. My husband, being an avid sledder, visited often in the winter season. Myself, visiting whenever possible. It was together, on one of these visits, we decided that one day we will start a cabin rental business and live in the mountains. We were driving through this very area(Sicamous) when we came upon the idea.

         Within the next year, land was purchased, cabins were built, and we packed up our belongings and made the long journey to Malakwa, BC. We left many family members and friends behind, but not only do we get to live in paradise, we get to share it with them as well. 

         We'd like to thank our families and friends for all of their support and for everything they have done. Without my in-laws, this would never have been possible, so we'd like to send a special thank you to them. 

                                                                                                    Keaira & Mark Newman

          Adventure awaits.

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